Unfortunately, Our Fake President will be around for a while;. Good for a joke if it weren’t so tragic.

COACH  DARLING- I haven’t  much to say this week, or rather,  there’s too much. to deal with while wearirig only one contact.  (long story).  I was saddened  to learn  of the Coach’s passing..  I remember when he worked  at a liquor store on Broadway because teachers didn’t  make enough then either. We’d cruise past and he’d glower at us over the cash register. None of us ever tried to buy liquor at that place!  One time in more recent years, , I ended up on a jury panel that  included the Coach. The judge asked if any of us knew anyone else on the panel. After the tenth person said  “Only Coach Darling”,  he said from now on only  answer if you knew someone OTHER than Coach Darling.  Truly a life well-lived.