Exceed Three Minutes? Go To Jail, or how to get through the GPU

I’ve been watching or attending the General Plan Update (GPU) meetings for what seems like a century and I’ve noticed that our citizens are pretty darn obedient when the bell tells them their time is up. Well, it ain’t that way everywhere, folks.

The other day in Saginaw, Michigan, where you can buy houses for $50K, they were having a township board meeting. (Actually a woman from Chicago bought a house there on Craig’s List for $5, paid $1K in back taxes and there you go- a house and lot for $1005. Not a livable house, but still…) A gentleman by the name of Mark Adams had several grievances he wished to discuss and three minutes just wasn’t long enough. Mr Adams had a friend taking video and here it is.

Mr Adams, who I suspect has had a number of issues with Township governance, complained as he was being removed that it was his birthday, was nonetheless arraigned later on on a felony charge of resisting and obstructing a police officer and misdemeanor disturbing the peace. Seems a little harsh but then he hasn’t had his day in court yet. Bet that’ll be fun.

So let us be grateful that our citizens are reasonably cooperative with authority. If we have to use stronger measures  like a gong, or a hook like the old Amateur Hour, or perhaps replace that abstract sculpture with a giant egg timer, we have options.  But give a guy a break on his birthday, don’t you think?