FREE ADA Training from the County

The ADA is really pretty easy to understand, if you want to. Here’s an announcement from the County.

“No-Cost ADA Training for Contractors, Property Managers.   In an effort to help local contractors, engineers, property managers and other businesses comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the County of Humboldt will be providing a free workshop on the subject in July. This workshop, led by Sally Swanson Architects, Inc., will focus on ADA Title II and III regulations related to facilities and construction. This workshop will help you understand issues, identify ADA barriers and actions to take to mitigate against future costs. Topics of the training will include: Accessories and clearances,  Adjusting door closures and automatic door openers, Aisle/corridor widths, Door maneuvering clearances, Furniture and fixtures Mounting heights/reach heights, Parking signage, striping and parking stalls, Path of travel, minor concrete work, grinding, and asphalt to include parking lots and sidewalks, Protruding objects, Ramps and stairs, Restrooms Signage Terminology. The workshop will be held on Wednesday, July 26 from 8:30 am to 11 am at the Sequoia Conference Center at 901 Myrtle Ave. in Eureka. If you are interested in attending this free training, please reserve your space by contacting or calling 707-445-7266 no later than July 21. “

Well worth attending!