TRUMP’S UGLY JACKET-  If Trump keeps wearing that ugly flight jacket that he has apparently adopted as his disaster garb, his approval rating will go down to 15% by the midterm. Just watch.

MELANIA-  While we’re talking appearances, Melania is being dispatched to Africa.  She will apparently not say anything insensitive, since her English is still so poor it’s barely understandable.  I’m sure she’ll  look great.

AVENATTI-  What do you think about Michael Avenatti as President?  He couldn’t be any worse than what we have now. I think it’s about time we had an Italian.  My generation expected the first would be Mario Cuomo.

REAL ESTATE- an 804 square foot flat was sold in San Francisco for $5.3M.  Meanwhile a house of about the same square footage  is selling in Cutten for $176K.

PASSAGES-  Very sorry to hear of the passing of Marty Balin.   They’re dropping like flies.

TRUMP’S BROMANCE -as reported  by Daniel Dale in SALON-  “Trump on Kim Jong Un;  I was really being tough and so was he.  And we would go back and forth.. And then we fell in love. No really.  He wrote me beautiful letters.  They were great letters  And then we fell in love.”   THIS  IDIOT IS YOUR PRESIDENT.  And we are the laughing stock of the world.

HUMBOLDT SOUP COMPANY-  I am absolutely crazy about their Chicken Coconut Curry but I’m too spoiled to drive over there unless I know they have it.  They post their offerings on Facebook, but not consistently, and not early enough for office workers to  plan their lunch.   I called over Thursday to see if they had the curry,  was told they did, and  rushed over just as they were changing the sign  because  they sold out. I settled for the Chicken Verde,  which was good but their system relies on customers NOT having strong preferences.  I’ve emailed her and nagged her and I truly believe that if she would  post her soups DAILY  before 11am, she would double her business.  Am I wrong?  I realize she’s apparently opening a new place, in the site of the late motorcycle cafe whose name I can’t recall.  We wish her well.

WHY DON’T WOMEN COME FORWARD?  When molested, harassed or raped?  IMHO a lot of it has to do with how girls are raised, to not make waves.  And a lot if it has to do with individual personality.  I was raised by a grandmother who was sort of an Amazon (raised six kids while running a grocery store).  She taught us to stand up for ourselves.  A guy tried to rape me many years ago. I couldn’t WAIT to tell the police. The wonderful LAPD caught  the perp in just a few hours and he was returned to prison (he was a parolee).  My experience was terrifying but NOTHING like how a real rape would have been.  I understand why women don’t want to report  it but wish they all could.  Unless you’ve walked in their shoes ,  you probably can’ t understand the pain.

KAVANAUGH”S MELTDOWN-  was horrible to behold. As Bill Maher commented,  he’s been taking Whiny Little Bitch lessons from Trump. This man doesn’t  belong on a traffic court much less on the highest court of the land for the rest of his life.





Eating Out: Finally Made It to the 6th and Eatery

This long-underutilized venue, catty-corner from the KAEF studios and the SBDC office, opened to what have been pretty close to rave reviews. They’ve been open since Hallowe’en and are owned by the same wonderful lady, Christine, who brought us the Humboldt Soup Company. I finally got there Thursday.

We arrived at 130 and the place was pretty empty, which was a good thing because the seating is extremely uncomfortable- we had a choice between high barstools that I couldn’t even sit in and rickety seats at a wobbling table. We snagged one of the banquettes and things immediately improved. 

I had the blue cheese burger, which I ordered well-done. I usually don’t worry about degree of doneness with a burger-  it’s a burger, right?- but at this place they ASK you how you want it.  Mine was pretty darned pink for well-done but I ate it; it was basically an excellent burger.  But the surprise was the onion rings. They were THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD.  I hope it wasn’t a fluke. They were crispy, light. Just incredible.

My friend had a plain burger  which she enjoyed and she also thought the rings were incredible. They also have fish tacos and a lamb burger- lots to explore on future visits.

No website.  Like a lot of restaurants locally they are trying to get by with just a Facebook page.  Get a website, folks. You’re ready.  


Three Things I Just Learned

1. Mega-uber-Hollywood producer Kathleen Kennedy, the godmother of the Star Wars franchise, is a graduate of Shasta High School. That’s in Redding.

2.  14% of the State of California is pavement. That includes roads.

3.  When the Humboldt Soup Company says on its Facebook page that they have Chicken Cocoanut Curry Soup, you HAVE to get there before 2pm or it will be gone.

Speaking of gone, we are taking a hiatus until the New Year. Stay dry and and take care of each other. Hopefully the new year will not be as ugly as the old was. Our very best wishes to each of you!



Humboldt Soup Company Is Hiring!

Here’s the announcement, from their Facebook page.
“Humboldt Soup Company is looking for a part time customer service/counter person.
Want to work in a fast paced environment?
Have a passion for customer service?
Love food and all the goodness that it shares?
Are you able to smile through the pressure?
We want to meet you!
Experience not required but it helps.
Smiley faces move to the front of the line.
No drops ‘ins or phone calls please.
For consideration please submit resume or letter of interest to:
Good Luck!”

HSC has become one of my favorite places and Christine, the owner, is hardworking and sincere in her effort to provide fresh and local produce. If you get hired, you’ll see me frequently. Good luck!


We Finally Review the Humboldt Soup Company

The Humboldt Soup Company opened for business in early December to an enormous fanfare of reviews and gossip. People were realy jazzed about it and for a few weeks it seemed to be attracting crowds. Now the hubbub has subsided. The Yelp review count is roughly divided with about four more positive than negative reviews. Practically all the Yelp reviews mention prices.

Price jumps out as an issue because the little 8-ounce cups of soup that go for $3.99 DO seem pathetically small, especially when the soup is particularly  good.  But we ‘re getting ahead of ourselves.

The soup selections when we went last week were as follows:

Farmers’ Market Vegetable:  plenty of vegetables , including broccoli.  I though it was a bit light on flavor but it improved a whole lot with a slug of Lea & Perrins and I finished every drop.

Tuscan Turkey Sausage: This soup got most of its flavor from the sausage, strong fennel flavor. Pretty good.

Smoked Ham & White Bean- my friend complained that hers wasn’t thick like mine but mine was fine.

Coconut Chicken and Curry: WE HAVE A WINNER.  This was the best soup I’ve had in a while and I’d go out of my way to get it again.  Absolutely scrumptious! Terrific!

Now, about those prices. HSC doesn’t have a functioning website and they present their menu on a Facebook page with a photo that looks like a selfie- blurred.  The cups of soup go for $3.99, the 16-oz bowls for $6.99, which seems like a much better deal. They have a good selection of salads and some sandwiches.  My friend had the pulled pork, which she pronounced fine. There’s enough on the menu to explore that I forsee several  upcoming visits. They really do stress local ingredients and in that context, they are not overpriced. The staff are excellent. 

So there it is.  I’d go back. And I’ll get a bowl of the Coconut Chicken Curry next time.  Definitely an upgrade from Church’s!



The Eagerly Awaited Humboldt Soup Company holding its official opening tomorrow. Here’s a link to the menu as posted on Facebook (they don’t have their website operational yet) so you can check it out before lunch tomorrow ’cause it sounds like there’s going to be a stampede. You have to scroll down aways to see the whole menu. The beet salad sounds incredible. Good luck to them!