The other day I noticed that John Fullerton had posted a response to my blog post of TWO MONTHS AGO as follows:

“As I told you  last summer at the Harbor Group  luncheon, I am an independent and NOT a Republican.   Like I told you,  I changed it several years ago. I also told you I haven’t been involved in partisan politics in almost 15 years ago.”

John must have been a little unglued to post such an ungrammatical thought but I got the gist.  Did I argue with him???  Heck no, I replied “Whatever you say, John.  Have a great Holiday season.”

A couple of days later I got a letter from his office manager to saying:  “Just a short note that we will NOT be doing your tax returns in the future.”

I cried for hours, of course.

 I guess this is my punishment for calling him a Republican.  This is the  guy who was the county CHAIR of the GOP  just a few years ago.  I always thought we had a good, if slight,  relationship.  I’ve never said anything but nice things about him. Can’t remember why I started having him  (I should say, his staff) do my taxes, but I’ve always been satisfied. Well, next time I see John I will offer my apologies for having called him a Republican. Such are the times we live in.

Then I guess I’ll have to find another CPA, or maybe I’ll just start doing them myself again. So my punishment will involve about five minutes to find someone else.  If this ends up costing me money, I’ll let you know.

BTW I checked out the Humboldt Republicans website for the first time. All mention of John’s checkered past as a Republican have been excised long ago, of course,  but what they DO have front and center is a link to Brietbart.  Such are the times we live in.


Should I Renew My Chamber Membership?

Here is my dues letter from the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce. I only pay $65 since I’m not running a business, but I have still pondered a lot about whether I would renew.  I was really put off when Board Chair Ken Musante announced that the Chamber  would start endorsing political candidates.  They held a forum which I missed because  I was out of town but I went to sleep on election eve thinking  that I was going to be congratulating  John Fullerton.

Ken is a good guy and I almost feel bad that it has become very clear that the Chamber’s endorsement  had very little effect on the election.  (I said ALMOST.) 

The Chamber would be well-advised to revert to its longstanding role of providing networking opportunities  and to forget electoral politics.  The Left in Humboldt is energized as never before. Take my word for it.

And yes, I’m sending in my $65.



John and Austin and Heidi and Everyone Else

Am I the only person in town who’s less than thrilled about having a Evangelical minister appointed to the Eureka City Council? I’m not sure which is worse, the manipulations and games of “chicken”  that cleared the way for her, or the ineptitude on the part of the progressives that allowed this to happen. Anyway, for the next four years we have a Foursquare Gospel minister on the City Council, and she got there fair and square.

Would a priest or a rabbi ever be elected to the  City Council?  Protestant ministers are an easier sell because they don’t wear weird clothes.  Protestants are more “mainstream” but some of them have religious beliefs that are decidedly not. How will Ms Messner vote on funding  (healthcare plans that include) abortion for City employees? At the Harbor groups forum last week, an extremely routine issue involving cannabis came up. Messner, alone, insisted the measure needed more study. Cannabis has been studied to death. Let’s hope she recuses herself from voting on cannabis issues in the future.

A look at their church website is instructive. The section on Belief/Hell is enough to remind me that I have nothing in common with anyone who believes that.  Take a look at it HERE. 

Foursquare ministers in Idaho ran afoul of the law for refusing to perform gay marriages.  Just so you know.

This may be an interesting ride.

The John Fullerton vs Austin Allison race will also be interesting. John Fullerton is one of two Republicans in the county that I speak to. (Disclosure: he does my taxes.) Can’t recall who the other one is. I got to know him during the brouhaha about the high school shop classes and I have a lot of respect for him. John has a long history of civic involvement, Austin’s is largely related to Union organizing at St Joe’s, a worthy endeavor if there ever were one. I give him credit for stepping up and I would vote for him if I lived in Eureka only because a vote for John is a vote for the status quo. (Disclosure: I donated to Austin’s campaign.) 

We will be offline for the next three weeks or so. Have a wonderful October!



Harbor Group Luncheon on Sept 28 Features City Council Candidates

The Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group’s September luncheon features candidates for the Eureka City Council.  Austin Allison and John Fullerton face off in the 4th Ward while Heidi Messner is running unopposed in the 2nd Ward. Lunch is at noon at the Samoa Cookhouse, pork steak!  $15 for the full lunch, $11 for soup and salad. Call 441-1974 to RSVP and read about  it HERE.