Is the Times-Standard Committing Suicide?

The hits just keep on coming. Last week I was notified by snailmail that my bill for the Times, digital access included, will be increased from $11.66 to $16.50 effective immediately. That ‘s a 41% increase!! Who does that ? No one who wants to keep customers.  

Then I got another letter telling me that instead of the current TV listing coming with the Sunday paper, it’s now going to show up on Thursday with the revolting title of “URGE”.  I’m not kidding you.  Kim Wear confirmed in Sunday’s paper that “Urge” will contain the entertainment news that was in the TriCity and that the TriCity will be downgraded to a weekly shopper, published on Tuesdays.

It’s been obvious for a long time that the T-S was in trouble and I sympathize with Kim, Clay and the other talented people down there, but really, “Urge”? What urge are we referring to? Is it the urge to go sit on the pot while you read the paper? An “urge” is not a pleasant sensation. According to my dictionary, it’s “a strong need, wish or impulse to do something.”  Has the entertainment scene up here grown that dire? Do you go to concerts or movies because of an “urge” to do so? I didn’t think so.  The urge to vomit is a typical urge. Somehow I don’t think that’s what they meant to suggest, but there it is. Was this revolting nomenclature dictated by corporate powers? 

The T-S has been carrying ads for months now advertising their surplus paper for sale. This is creepy, like a drunk selling his blood, but it was a fair augury of things to come. I literally learned to read on the morning Times (that, and Little Lulu comics) and I take umbrage when people mess with my paper, especially by imposing a title that smacks more of biology than entertainment. Sorry, “urge” just doesn’t  cut it. Go back to the drawing board, folks, and meanwhile I’ll be figuring out where to squeeze out an extra $60 bucks a year for the dubious pleasure of reading a publication called “Urge”.

Urge? Come on, now.  What’s next? Barf?