My Favorite Businesses: Rosewood Body Shop and A-1 Carpet Cleaning

I always complain about bad service. Here’s a tribute to those who provide GOOD service.

Recently I snapped off my passenger side mirror while exiting my garage. This is about the fourth time. I don’t recall where I took it the other times but this time I consulted Yelp and decided to go with Rosewood, a family-owned detail-and-body shop in Eureka  at 842 W 14th St, kind of across from Walgreen’s past the freeway. I don’t have a lot of details to go into because the service was quick and efficient and thorough. It took a couple of days to order a new mirror (my friend had done a great job of taping the old one on except I couldn’t open the window) but it only took a few minutes to install and I was good to go. The price of $186 was fair, and enough to make me more  careful about my garage exits.

The place is clean and cheerful with a nice little waiting area and the staff are friendly and  helpful.  I think it’s the mom who acts as receptionist but I was in and out so quickly I didn’t have time to find out!  We like that!

BTW, the defunct Asian restaurant catty-corner from the Walgreens has had a “Rita’s Taqueria Coming Soon” in the window for several weeks. Hurry, Rita!!!

The other great experience we had lately was having our rugs done, again, by A-1 Carpet Cleaners. They restored  our dining room carpet that I thought had been ruined by an inconsiderate dog. Phil and his helper did a great job for a reasonable price (two rooms for $97). Definitely recommended.. Their site is HERE.