Is Wells Fargo Going To Tank?

I‘ve asked  the  question before on this board:  why does anyone still do business with Wells Fargo?  I personally know TWO people who still bank with them. One has a loan with them so I guess he’s locked in.  But how much longer can a bank survive without growth and new customers?

This article from the SF Business Times says it all.

Read the whole thing HERE.

WHY Do People Still Do Business with Wells Fargo?

They’ve been being sued by consumers through my whole adult life. The mortgage suits were bad enough. Now they’ve created fictional accounts and have been suspended from doing business with the State of California. Read about it HERE.

I grew up in a family that thought BofA was the next thing to God, but after I got out of school and had my own money I discovered credit unions and never looked back.  I particularly recommend Coast Central.  

If any of you are still  doing business with this criminal enterprise, please tell me why. I’d love to know.