“I Am A Very Smart Person”- Don the Con and the Art of Distraction

“I am a very smart person”.
Be honest, now. Have you ever known a REALLY smart person who would be caught dead saying that? Smart people aren’t that tacky nor do they brag about their intellect.
They don’t have to. Smart people know how to do something Don the Con has never done: lead by example.

Don the Con likes to tell everyone who  will listen that he went to “a very good school’,  meaning Wharton.  Let’s take a closer look.  The great reputation of Wharton is based on their MBA program, to which Don the Con never applied. He couldn’t even get into Wharton as a freshman,  (even with a millionaire daddy)  and had to go to Fordham for two years, then transfer although he has been known to claim that the reason he stayed back was that he couldn’t bear to leave daddy.  There is a lot available on this subject; Google is your friend.  He won’t release his grades from Wharton. Guess they wouldn’t show “how smart he is.”  His entire higher education  consists of an degree in REAL ESTATE, whereas the prized degree from Wharton is in Finance. In other words, he has about the kind of education you would expect from a man who is known to have never read a single book in his entire adult life.

This abysmal ignorance is becoming more embarrassing  every day.  He has lived a few blocks from the UN for years and still thinks its some kind of country cub? “They don’t do anything but talk!”  It’s called diplomacy, Don. A useful alternative to war, which you obviously prefer.

But Don the Con has learned one thing well: The  Art of Distraction. Just like a guy doing card tricks, he shifts the attention of the mark -(that’s us)- away from the main action to cover up his manipulation.  So on the morning  he was supposed to reveal his plans for avoiding  conflicts of interest while refusing to divest himself of his vast wealth, he started a stupid Twitter war to distract  everyone.  He loves Twitter because  a) it’s short and doesn’t require writing skills   b)  there’s no accountability and you never have to defend the stupid things you say in a tweet.  You can hijack the news cycle and never have to explain yourself  or your lies.  Twitter is the perfect medium for Don the Con.   

I continue to believe his greed will be his downfall. Get ready for President Pence.